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by Michael Holloway Perronne

"Fabulously campy...a scandalous tale."
-IN Magazine Los Angeles

"While campy and fun, Starstruck: A
Hollywood Saga is also an intriguing
page-turner. Perronne peppers the novel with
cliff-hangers to keep you hooked. And hooked
you will be. Like a porn pup on poppers. Check
it out.-"

"A dazzling, larger-than-life romp through the
Hollywood ranks."
-Madison Martin, author of "The Deep End:
Romantica For Women

"As you read through the 272 pages you'll find
yourself trying to guess who the real
characters are patterned after, even though a
note at the front of the book claims it's a work
of fiction."
- Family & Friends Magazine

"Just pour me a martini, lather me up and
leave me alone in the sun with this page
turner for the afternoon. If you’re a fan of
trash fiction, it doesn’t get any better than
Tinseltown Tawdry
by Sophia Bailey

Forget adultery, baby-switching, and
long-lost evil twins, on the Los Angeles
based daytime soap Ocean Boulevard, the
real drama takes place backstage!
"Have a go at it if you are not easily shocked
– if you are, you will not get past the first
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson
for Reader Views (3/07)

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Three Sisters and
One Deadly Secret
by Sophia Bailey

In this pulp novel, a grizzly discovery in the
basement of the once glamorous Hotel Sol in
San Diego sends Detective Maggie Saunders
on the hunt to crack the case, and a
twenty-five year old secret about to unfold
will turn the lives of three sisters

Miranda - a respected senator's wife, keeps
her affair with a young guy under wraps,
until the young man proves to be not who
he seems. Will her secret destroy her
husband's career, and ruin the life of her
spirited daughter Savvy?

Kelly - a doctor who's brilliant with her
patients but not-so-brilliant with men, is
about to get more than she bargained for
when she discovers that her secret crush,
Dr. Eddie Chavez, turns out to have a few
secrets of his own.

Hailey - a soap star who is threatened by a
mysterious woman who will do anything to
get the fame she's always desired. Will the
sordid truth about what happened set them
free, or destroy the family all over again?

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