Tabitha Foster

Short Order Daddy, Surprise Billionaire: The Van Buren Brother Series: Book 1

Success had always come easy to the dashing corporate CEO, Maxwell Van Buren.  
But when the restaurant chain inspired by his great-grandfather's taco cart begins
to falter in a tough economy, Max makes it his personal mission to covertly
discover the secrets of a few thriving mom-and-pop restaurants in the desert
Southwest and use those ideas to save the family business.

Stranded on a sweltering Arizona roadside, Max is rescued by the gorgeous,
independent, and sometime tow-truck driver, Allie. For several years her life has
been devoted to raising her young son, running a very successful, if tiny,
restaurant, and dodging the occasional romantic overture. When she offers the
seemingly down-on-his-luck traveler a temporary job and a place to stay, she may
not want to resist opening her heart for much longer.

Max, the long-time city dweller, is taken in by the charms of a simpler lifestyle, and
begins to long for the kind of happy, stable family life that he's never really had.  
But what will Allie think when she finds out who he really is and why he's in
Primrose, Arizona in the first place? Can Max revive his family's legacy and win
Allie's heart at the same time?

About Tabitha Foster…

Tabitha Foster grew up in the Santa Barbara wine country and not far from the
beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline.  She currently lives in the Los Angeles area and
is hard at work on her next book, The Surprise Millionaire Makes Four.
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The Billionaire's Surprise Christmas Twins

In this romantic novelette, Bruce Van Buren appears on the surface to be one of
Los Angeles’ most eligible bachelors: mid-thirties, chiseled good looks, hard
driven ambition, and co-owner of a billion dollar restaurant empire. But his drive
for perfection at work has ended up in his sacrificing a satisfying personal life or
anything resembling real romance.

Lydia Jenkins is a naturally radiantly beautiful single mom that yearns to spend
more time with her three year old twin boys, but her grueling job working under
workaholic Bruce Van Buren leaves her forced to make a tough choice between
supporting her children and family time.

When a few holiday season coincidences bring them together outside of the
office will they recognize that what’s been missing in their lives may have been
right before them the whole time?

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With his sun-streaked blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and sinewy
muscles, maverick Jack Van Buren has spent his twenties living the
playboy life that comes along with being handsome and the heir to a
billion dollar business empire. But when Jack resolves that he wants
more out of life that dating the latest reality TV starlet, he decides what
he yearns for most is a child to raise. The only catch is that he’s not
ready to settle down with one woman yet.

Bianca Forrester is an independent-minded medical student with fiery
red hair to match her personality who dreams of one day tending to the
health of the less fortunate. Bianca’s determined that she doesn’t want
high student loan debt to dictate where she works and who she treats
one day. When she decides to become the surrogate mother for Jack
Van Buren’s child to finance her education, Bianca’s confident that she
can give him the most important gift of all…the love of a child…and
then move on with her life.

But when both Jack and Bianca begin to realize that they would pick
each other if they were to enter a long-term relationship, can the two of
them ignore the growing sparks they feel and the child on its way to
keep things between them “just business?”

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Always the baker…never the bride.

Ambitious and fresh-faced beautiful, Liliana McCrory has spent the last
couple of years entirely concentrated on building her business baking
elaborate gourmet wedding cakes. Just when Liliana’s almost all but
given up on the idea of romance in her own life, she literally runs into
the dapper best man at her most high profile wedding while carrying a
tray of strawberry shortcakes. Despite the instant spark with the mystery
man, the appearance of his fiancée by his side quickly dashes any
thoughts of potential romance.

Technology innovator and billionaire, Cole Montgomery, always puts
family first. After the passing of his beloved wife, Katherine, he focused
on rebuilding his family and giving his young son, Jackson, a new
mother figure by becoming engaged to the high school sweetheart he
recently reconnected with. However, a chance meeting with the radiant
natural beauty and business savvy Liliana at his best friend’s wedding
plants seeds of doubt about his upcoming nuptials.

When Cole hires Liliana to bake the cake for his own wedding, the two
find themselves undeniably drawn to each other. As a surprising
connection between the two is revealed, will Cole and Liliana listen to
the voice in their hearts or risk missing out on the chance at a great

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Delayed holiday flights = Second chance at love?

In the holiday romantic novelette, The CEO's Surprise Christmas Family,
a self-made millionaire, Colin, has spent months regretting the blase'
way he treated, Hannah, a hard-working, beautiful single mom, he
shared a single night of passion with at a wedding the previous summer.

When Colin runs into Hannah months later at a busy airport during the
holiday season, he sees the opportunity as a chance to at least redeem
himself a little in her eyes.

But will Hannah, still feeling the sting from the past summer, be willing
to open her heart once again to the man she never forgot...but wished
she could?

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